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Conquering the Winter Blues


About Conquering the Winter Blues

Over 60 Steps to Tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression


What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Also known as “Winter Blues”  SAD is a depressed and withdrawn response to the short days of decreased sunlight, and long nights of late fall and winter seasons. 

Decreased light affects sleep patterns and bio-rhythms. It affects four times as many women as men. Yet men and children can also suffer. SAD is severely debilitating to some and an inconvenience to others, but you don’t have to merely tolerate it. 

Natural, simple, and effective remedies are available.  


To conquer Winter Blues and Depression, you can’t wait for an outside force to magically shift your mood. 

You’re going to have to take the lead in your life and blast through mental and physical obstacles. You’ll need to do so with a belief that you are worth it, and a willingness to accept your own lightness-of-being.

This is why I chose a stag, whose antlers are adorned with joyful and abundant spring flowers, to adorn this book’s cover. 

A stag is an animal of power and vigor. As a totem, it represents the protector. Who, I ask, is your innate protector? It’s you, at your strongest and best. The deer represents intuition and gentleness. It brings harmony, happiness, peace, and longevity.

With its antlers, the deer can push through forest obstacles. Antlers allow it to protect itself and those it loves from harm, and to prove its power with all that would challenge. 

With colorful and healing flowers adorning its antlers, the stag carries along the light and joy of spring and summer as it moves through life, even into the occasional dark shadows of forest trees. And to top it all off, antlers represent a crown of achievement. Isn’t it time to celebrate reconnecting with your own power?

 Table of Contents:

  • Addressing   Winter Blues
  • Light Therapy
  • Attitude and Outlook
  • Counseling
  • Nutrition
  • Self Care
  • Electronics
  • Exercise and Nature
  • Pets
  • Social
  • Environment
  • Activities
  • Music
  • Self-Actualization and Spiritual
  • Emotion Vibration Chart
  • Fire Breath
  • Gayatri Mantra Chant
  • Self Massage
  • Candle Gazing
  • Meditation on Breath
  • Agnihotra Vedic Fire Ceremony
  • Make Space for Joy
  • Author


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Lights! Lights! Lights! 

Whether you suffer from SAD, temporary depression, or chronic depression, Light Therapy is absolutely essential. You need to replicate the sun’s rays in any possible way.

Light is an environmental stimulus for regulating circadian cycles. When sunlight is lacking, the results can be mental or emotional discomfort. In severe cases, this can lead to SAD and depression... 

Bathe or Shower with full appreciation to your body, hair, and skin as it is now.

Release judgment of your body. The human body comes in all shapes and sizes. It is an amazing gift that self-heals, adjusts to our needs, and sustains us through all circumstances. Think of your body as a companion that is there for you regardless of the circumstances, and then set about taking care of it as best you can...

Listen to music that either helps process depression or raises it to a higher vibration. 

Science has shown that music creates vibrations that can either harmonize and raise your vibration, or create disharmony and energetic distress.

Sometimes, it does help to listen to music that “identifies” with your depression. As you feel it more deeply, it helps you access emotions so you can release them. But don’t reside there. Process and then move on to music that lifts your spirits...

 I sank deeply into post-partum depression after giving birth to our first child. 

Several of the techniques offered in this book saved my sanity. (Details of these events are included in the “Author” chapter.) A few years later, we moved to a northern state, living where long, cold winters defined my world with sub-freezing temperatures, brooding grey clouds, and months of snowplowed streets lined with four-foot-high mounds of dirty, frozen snow. 

... I desperately needed sunlight! The more I lamented lack of sunshine, the more it rattled my peace of mind. I finally remembered the practices I’d used to survive the post-partum months and so I began to pull myself out of the blue funk. I learned to meditate, which taught me how to control my thoughts instead of allowing them to control me. By intentionally applying a variety of specific practices, I recaptured my sense of self. Lesson was finally learned – again!...

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