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The one theme running through all my writing is applying elusive truths into daily life. And that, my friends, is a life-time endeavor. My books, fiction and non-fiction, fall in a variety of genres. Cave Time Chronicles don't fit anywhere. They are a fantasy-fictional-inspirational-spiritual-quantum investigation into cosmic possibilities that may just turn out to be the new reality. My non-fiction offerings are practical and comprehensive guidebooks to help get us there. 

Published Books

PATHWALKER: A Soul's Journey Through Parallel Lives


Eleni struggles to survive in an unknown parallel life, facing mystery, evil, death, and endless cosmic choices. Who is she and why is she here?   

Cave Time Chronicles; Bk 1

AGNIHOTRA: Havan on Earth, A Guidebook


A Simple and Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic Fire Ceremony for Personal and Planetary Transformation. A solution for our distressed planet and her living companions.

Edible Weeds in a City Yard


Don’t Weed Your Yard; Munch Your Way Through It! If we value a wild plant, it is no longer a weed. It becomes a desirable plant in Mother Nature’s garden, packed with delicious nutrition, and it's free!

Books in the Works

SPIRITDANCER: A Soul's Journey Through Parallel Lives


No longer the woman known as Pathwalker, Eleni arrives in another mysterious and formidable parallel life. Its surprising events reveal capabilities she never dreamed possible.

Cave Time Chronicles: Bk 2



This is my long-awaited comprehensive meditation handbook for personal and spiritual transformation.

Practical guidelines will detail out over 10 different techniques gleaned from multiple traditions.

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A Smoothie Secret


Fun, Weird Recipes!



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