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Meditate on This*

A Comprehensive and Practical Guide for Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Ellie's upcoming book, Meditate on This,  will introduce and guide the reader through a multitude of meditation techniques, as well as helpful ways to prepare and center in for a more successful experience. Solutions are offered for the obstacles you may encounter. Most importantly, you will be guided to carry your meditation results out into every day experience. The discussion will be enjoyable, authentic, and realistic as it encourages you in your journey  of self-discovery.

Meditation is simple - as natural as breath,  thought, or prayer. The challenge comes when the mind insists on constant chatter, as if it were a pesky child disrupting our quiet. 

An ancient healing science substantiated by modern research, meditation delivers physical, emotional and mental benefits. In meditation, you move beyond states that utilize the mental field, to an expanded state of awareness wherein mental activity ceases and pure observation begins. In this field, you are free of mental constructs and beliefs. 

New understandings arise and pure peace reigns. Spiritual aspirants connect with a transcendental source. It brings relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and assists those with addictions to  surrender dependency. 

While most meditation books today focus on a few techniques espoused by one tradition, Meditate on This breaks the mold, offering a multitude of techniques that cross cultural and traditional divides. 

Meditate on This will be useful whether one is a beginner or experienced. Individuals of any gender, age, culture, or life circumstances will benefit from instructions provided.

I lost my self in meditation and there I discovered my True Self. 

-Voices from Life

Yoga cittavrtti nirodhah. 

"Yoga (superconscious meditation) is the cessation of all mental modifications" 

-Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Verse 2

*The title "Meditate on This" is copyrighted. ISBN is assigned.



A Soul's Journey Through Reincarnations

In Spiritdancer, Book 2 of the Cave Time Chronicles, Eleni transports to yet another unknown, overwhelming existence filled with enticements and mystery. Embedded within each discovery lurks an even deeper level of secrets. 

Quantum travel, wisdom trees, a fleeing gypsy caravan, cataclysmic war, a serene country refuge, healing herbs, life-threatening global disintegration, and a loyal wolf bring a new level of intensity as Eleni comes to terms with her dance through parallel lifetimes. See photos below

Once more facing the unknown with a mixture of trepidation and hope, Eleni reaches within for lessons learned in Pathwalker, the first book of this series. Will compassion, love, desperate courage, and her trust in Source come through for her again, or will she waiver in the face of insurmountable odds? 

 *The title "Spiritdancer" is copyrighted. ISBN is assigned. 

Cave Time Chronicles: Bk 2

Cave Time Chronicles: Bk 2

Future Novels in Cave Time Chronicles


What's in future Cave Time Chronicles?

Eleni's future parallel lifetimes take her into a world of swirling snow, and an existence in a homeland invaded by a fanatical dictator. And that's only the beginning... more lifetimes are hovering in the wings waiting to be downloaded!