A Soul's Journey Through Parallel Lives. (Cave Time Chronicles, Book 2)


In Spiritdancer, Book 2 of the Cave Time Chronicles, Eleni transports to yet another unknown, overwhelming existence filled with enticements and mystery. Embedded within each discovery lurks an even deeper level of secrets. 

Quantum travel, wisdom trees, a fleeing gypsy caravan, cataclysmic war, a serene country refuge, healing herbs, life-threatening global disintegration, and a loyal wolf bring a new level of intensity as Eleni comes to terms with her dance through parallel lifetimes. See photos below

Once more facing the unknown with a mixture of trepidation and hope, Eleni reaches within for lessons learned in Pathwalker, the first book of this series. Will compassion, love, desperate courage, and her trust in Source come through for her again, or will she waiver in the face of insurmountable odds? 


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Excerpts from SPIRITDANCER

 Siona swayed, stomped, and whirled with her arms flung out to the world; she knew she belonged here. Tonight, she was all she could be, and her heart sang out into the star-studded sky. -pg 79

Alone in his new room, thankful to have a door to close and lock, Bhatikan slumped onto a faded armchair. He was as filthy inside as his clothes were outside. How many ways could a man die while still breathing? -pg 184

Siona didn't look back. She had to trust Renaud could take care of himself. She heard cursing, shouts, and then Renaud's grunt and a loud thud. Oh, Divine! Please promise me they didn't kill him! -pg 139 


A Peek into Spiritdancer's Life